We are the Latin American creative industry raising awareness of our responsibility and power to create a more equal, inclusive and sustainable culture.

ati was born in 2020 from the meeting and connection between Yan de Simone, founder of Bi Media; and Mariana Ventura, creator of done!, two communication agencies with purpose and certified B companies from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In a context of isolation and uncertainty, the entrepreneurs seek to create a space and a community that become collective the values ​​that each one promoted from their agencies.
It is in this same context that the need for union and change was more tangible than ever. The proposal was to create an ecosystem for the creative industry with purpose in Latin America. We want to unite these agents of change and capitalize our creative talent and experience, to help solving the most urgent socio-environmental problems and jointly push the transition towards a new social and economic model.


What is a triple impact agency?

An ati agency has an impact purpose that guides it and on which it acts. It’s committed to the common good above the individual, to be the protagonist of the cultural change necessary for the sustainable development of the region.

In an ati agency the well-being of people and respect for the planet are not negotiable. The ati agencies show their practices about social, environmental and professional ethics aspects on an admissions form.

We are certain about the need to think differently and collectively to promote the urgent and necessary cultural change.
We know that there is no more powerful tool than synergy and collaboration between specialists with diverse profiles to achieve better results.
We are aware of the mutual dependence in the system and we seek to transform it into energy of transformation.
We believe in the power of business as an agent of change, and in promoting it from within the system, redefining success.


A communication, advertising and marketing industry that in each strategy, action and message it distributes, contributes to the construction of a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.






Inspiring change

Call for awareness of the role of communication, advertising and marketing in current economic, social and environmental problems, and inspire cultural change to respond to these challenges.

Boosting the ecosystem

Develop a space for synergy and collaboration to promote the sustainable growth of professionals and triple impact agencies.

Learning and growing

Recognize and disseminate the best practices in economic, social and environmental matters in professionals and communication agencies.


We work together and articulate with other organizations:


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